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Why Are you here?

Why are you here? On this blog? At this moment? Most probably to read what I have written so far. But before you read what I have written so far, you must know why I write. I write because I like writing and I don't write to please you or anyone else, I just write because these are mostly words that I always wanted to say but could never say because of my nature. Being an introvert I tend to keep things to myself. Thing bad or good, emotions, feeling and my judgmental opinions everything to myself. But everyone once in a while I do write when I feel I need venting out. So If you are still going to read then I just say don't look for perfection or good writing. This is just a mirror where I reflect when I have a emotional venting out to do. If you feel there is something you need to tell me you can contact me, I always a constructive feedback but while you are here just read my thoughts.

I hope you read what you like if not, just know I am not a column writer and move on!. :)

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