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Life as an Army Brat!

Life as an army brat cannot be told in a word, sentence or a paragraph. It is a journey of a family across the country mixed with emotions, happiness, joy, suspense, horror. It is no less then a typical movie. Happiness is when your father comes back home after months, sadness is when you leave a place you cherished for 3-4 years, but now you must

move on because your father got transferred. Sorrow is when your father must go on a field transfer for more than 6 months span. Suspense is to figure out when is he coming back, Life as an army brat is a phase of learning and development. We don't have friends in our neighborhood, but we have few good friends all over the nation. Life as a army brat is like a spicy Indian curry with spices of confidence, discipline, smartness, honesty etc.. Even though child is not in Army he is a army officer from inside. From the very beginning he is trained to wake up early, complete his chores himself. He has a desire to perform and never back down from any challenges of his life. An army brat is used to constant dilemma of life. He is used to not seeing his father for months but still his father is his role model. A small child from a very young age is trained to step out of his home play, make friends, fall and get back again even if he is injured. He studies in a school with fellow army brats that who share the same core values. An army brat has to never learn about discipline, dressing sense and interpersonal skills because he was born with it.

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