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Champions of my Country I An Inspiration

They are called many things, mothers, wives, sisters, friends, best friends, girlfriends and many more but everyone has one thing in common. Obviously apart from being Indian citizen! But there is something more. For me every woman of India is a source of inspiration to humanity. They are the for every person of the world a motivation. These women face what some people of us can’t even imagine throughout our life. Right from the point when they take there first breath in the world till their last gasp of air, the women of India have nothing to but to just prove their mettle and fight for their right. A normal girl from a village in India starts her fight when she is not even born, she must wait for her parent’s expectations of either wanting a girl or a boy. If the parents don’t care about the gender and are happy with whatever they have, the child might have it easy, but if the child is expected to be a boy, the girl after she is born she will have to face the harsh comments and comparisons every moment in her life. She will have to fight for education, she will have to fight for freedom of expression, she will have to fight for freedom of speech. Ironically they are then right which every citizen of India has when they are born. But apparently they are just for some lucky ones. Even if the girl is born in a good family with no preference to a boy or a girl and gets all the rights. The girl will now face issues not with her family but the society. The society which forbids her from roaming in the streets alone because of some sick people. The society doesn’t allow her to drink or smoke because of so-called ‘culture’. The culture of Indian which is supposed to be our identity and a matter of pride is no longer the same. For some, it is now a binding chain which you can put on radical minds so that they cannot exercise free will. This culture is the same which say the girl should not talk to people whereas she could have been a great politician or a musician. The society says not to let her study more whereas she could have become a scholar. The society says not travel alone whereas she could have been a great travel blogger. Today I see many women in India who are my friends who are fighting there way just to achieve their ambition. We have greatest politicians, scientists and scholars who are not only the best in what they do but also the greatest fighters who overcame everything. This is why I say the women in India are the best source of motivation and inspiration for all.

The Women of Indian I Photo: Adam Cohn/Flickr

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