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A companion is defined as a person who is with you in your journey, your situation or your path. It can be either a life partner, business partner, Travel partner or a partner in a sport. Thbey can be of many forms or and in many situations, They can be for different time intervals or in different time of your life, But why am I talking about this now. I am here to just express my feelings. The feelings and beliefs which I have learned or acquired through my experiences and mistakes. While I was in my undergrads I had a partner, she was once my "Best Friend". She was a great companion at that stage of my life. She was the kind of a person which a young person really needs in that stage of his life when he is needs someone to calm him down and guide hime through and I was someone for her who could help her out in her issues and stay with her.

By this I am trying to establish that no matter what situation in your life maybe ,a companion is what you need when you are in something alone and have to fight your way thorough it. Having a companion or partner with you does not mean that you are someone who is incapable or needs help but it simply means that you are not in that alone.

They are not just there t help you but alos there to talk you through situations or just hold your hand and make sure that you dont feel lonely, I am not saying that you need a person in your life always but having a companion with you is way better than having no one to celebrate your victory with. But the day when your companion or you start feeling that one is alone or wish you had someone to talk to , the other one has failed!

Photo: Leica BioSystems

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