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Bordeaux, A learning curve!

Goodbye to a place that was new 7 months ago, a place that was strange, interesting, awkwardness for me. Came to this place 7 months ago as a exchange student looking for opportunities, seeking exposure and a personal agenda of not following the crowd and doing something for myself. Bordeaux, a name which I knew before only because of my football love was just a club to me before coming. But life has a surprise for you on every page. Bordeaux city of wine, 6th biggest city in France and probably one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. From travelling in public transport daily for 4 hours to awkwardly speaking in between to ask if they speak English to French people, believe it or not, this place has helped me grow more as a person than any other. Exposing myself to French culture to encountering French reserved attitude, it really helped me understand people and culture way better than anything. Met many people from different countries and communities. It was strange that how a small conversation of 10 mins can affect you and help you change or broaden your perception. Never knew that a friend with whom I came here, will become a very good one. I guess our common struggle to adapt to French culture with our Indian mentality helped us get together. Travelling to different destination and late night roaming around, dancing, getting drunk and stoned helped us overcome our gap maybe. Also met a person from a totally unexpected country, played together, ate together , fought together and eventually ended up being good friends. As a whole from Bordeaux wine to Whisky and museums to park, I have now realized that truly a person can take in more than he thinks of. There is no upper limit to what you learn and there is no defined space in which you grow as a person. Au revoir Bordeaux!

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