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A True Indian Superhero Movie?

Minnal Murali, the name might seem odd to be mentioned in a blog but yeah it is the name of the movie that I recently saw on Netflix. The movie is based on an Indian hero and Villain. So what is it about this movie that has made me write about it?. Well two reasons, first I wanted to start writing again on the blog so here t is to start with, and second, this movie made a lot of sense about how a superhero in India would really be and not westernized. The movie begins with two protagonists( the hero and the villain), the script describes their desires and passions, as usual, to set the premise, in short, the backstory. The one thing which I found interesting was that the source because of which both the hero and the villain got their powers was the same which I believed was really a unique take because this way you are telling the audience that everyone gets the same chances, what you choose to do with it is really what matters. The hero initially who discovers the powers are still getting his hands around it but the villain based on his backstory has a miserable life which gives him more chance to practice as in tune his gifts which basically explains the one question I always had that why is the villain always good with his powers but the hero takes time with it. In this case, because of the struggles, the villain tunes his powers and becomes good with as he is applying it for day-to-day users, whereas the hero just causally uses it for fun.

The movie does emphasize a vital point that the villain never had bad intentions and was trying hard to be good but society made him what he is, thus addressing a very good point that most of the villains we have are a result of the unfair treatment which eventually clouds the villain's judgment thus making him go on a madness spree.

Apart from these, the movie is any other superhero movie where the hero and villains fight and everything but with one twist. The costumes. The cities most of the time were typical lungi and shirt and a cloth to cover the face which was hilarious and realistic at the same time.

The movie takes you on short trips of heartbreak, betrayal, affection, and revenge which you will expect in an Indian movie this makes the movie a must-watch.

Credit:Kurukkanmoola Sahakarana Bank heist (concept) by Karthik S


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