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Garuda Gamana Vrisbh Vahana.....

Last weekend I watched this trending Kannada movie titled Garuda Gamana Vrishbh Vahana. From the first looks of the trailer, the movie might just seem like any other action movie with villains and heroes and killing and blood. Although after watching GGVV I realized it is far apart from anything that I have ever seen. GGMV is one of those movies that makes you go back to particular scenes just to appreciate it again and try to find out more about the scene and find more from the creator's interviews just to understand the original intent. GGMV did that with me. GGMV is a very interesting take on Indian Mythology by RB Shetty who has portrayed the concept of how ego which has affected humans might affect the gods. The god in discussion are Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh. The role of these gods is played by three characters Bramhaya, Hari, and Shiva. Shiva and Hari are part of the Mangalore underworld circle who rule MangalaDevi area( Mangala Devi is an avatar of AdiShakti who is believed to be the mother of Bramha, Vishnu Mahesh). Shiva being the destroyer has a primary role of getting involved in quarrels with people eventually destroying whoever comes in way of Hari. Bramahya in this movie is shown as a cop who is trying to balance the good vs evil ratio eventually taking control of the siatuation. What is interesting is that shiva known from mythology is known to be the biggest devotee of Vishnu which is shown here. in this movie, Shiva is the main character whose rage and passion can be seen from time to time but unlike any other movie where you would expect the character to be in the spotlight always, contrary to that SHiva here is always behind in the crowd, does not care much about being center of attention as like ord shiva whereas Hari much like lord Vishnu is shown to be a major character. There is one particular song Endo Bareda where we can see how shiva carries out tasks for hari and hari looks at him and smiles always being in awe of shiva. GGMV has been a real enthralling experience for me where RB Shetty made me appreciate more of the concept than anything. The actors did such a great job that you simply appreciate the characters roles and try to relate them to what we have known since childhood about Bramha Vinshu Mahesh.


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